30,000 Mile Guarantee

When the original owner, "Jeff," purchased his Ninety Eight on August 21, 1959 he specified an extended 30,000 mile warranty for the new Olds. No doubt Jeff knew that Olds was famous for building durable and reliable automobiles, but he wanted to be sure his "Rocket" performed to factory specs for many years and was willing to pay the extra cost for the extended warranty. Alas, Jeff's Olds only accumulated a mere 4,500 miles before his death in 1991.

I purchased the car in 1992, and upon reading the warranty which was part of the treasure trove of literature that came with the car, learned that even though the warranty period was no where near the 30,000 mile limit, it was not transfereable. No matter, Jeff's Olds has been driven 2,000 miles in my care and has yet to need repair.