original oil filter

When the Olds arrived at my home in 1992, I immediately performed "catch-up" maintenance that may not have been done in a long time. Naturally, first up was an oil change. Since I always change oil and filter at the same time, I visited my local auto parts store to obtain a filter. But the parts book showed a listing for a cannister-type filter which Olds used for many years up to and including 1959. My car was sold in August of 1959, and was obviously a late-production car. Apparently my car incorporated the new spin-on type filter used on all GM cars beginning with the 1960 model year. I was fine with that, because the cartridge filters are a messy annoyance to change. I purchased an AC filter listed for a 1960 Olds.

When I got underneath my "new" '59 Olds for the first time, I was surprised to see an odd spin-on filter with a green crackle-finish and a hex-head on the end. I think it is very likely that this was the original filter installed at the factory. I decided to install the new, fresh filter but I saved the original because I'll probably never see another one like it.