1959 Olds 98 Holiday SportSedan

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'59 Olds spare tire-hubcap clips

The spare tire in the trunk of my '59 Olds is original and has never touched the ground. Olds installed the hubcap retaining clips on the spare tire to make it "easy" for the owner to attach the hubcap to the spare. A nice idea, but in reality these clips and hubcaps are a pain. Attaching the hubcap to the clips takes practice, but Oldsmobile owners loved their cars enough to deal with the overly complicated system. In this photo, the air valve stem is visible, but the when the hubcap is installed the stem is hidden. To access the valve stem when checking air pressure requires a strong yank on the hubcap spinner which pops the cap out from the wheel, but leaves it attached via the 5 clips. To place the cap back into driving position you apply a central equal pressure to the cap so that it snaps straight back onto the wheel.