1959 Olds 98 Holiday SportSedan

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'59 Olds gasoline filler

The gasoline filler is located under a chromed steel cover in the middle of the rear bumper. The original gas cap isn't even slightly corroded as you might expect on a 40+ year old car. Small details like this are benefits of a low mileage car that was stored in ideal conditions during its life.

Also visible in this photo is a portion of the aluminum rear trim panel above the bumper. This panel is beautiful but somewhat delicate. The soft aluminum is easily scratched, and most 1959 98's rear trim panels show wear in the vicinity of where the trunk key is inserted. Fortunately the original owner of this Olds never opened the trunk according to his stepdaughter. Of course his Olds was equipped with optional power trunk release, so he would never have had the bother of using a key if he desired to open the trunk.