1959 Olds 98 Holiday SportSedan

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'59 Olds dashboard details

1959 OLDS dashboard details. In this photo, you can see the electric windshield wiper and washer controls - 1959 was the first year for electric wipers (not using a vacuum motor).

The a/c outlets match the design of the backup lights. With this clever design, the chrome ball sits in a pod surrounded by felt - it swivels in any direction desired. The air conditioner is an excellent Frigidaire unit - it gets cold FAST and has a powerful fan. There is an additional a/c register under the center of the dash.

This Olds is equipped with Autronic Eye automatic high beam dimmer - there is a tab above the pull-out headlight switch that turns the Autronic Eye on/off.

One of the courtesy lights is visible on the underside of the dash.