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Driver Uses Web Database at as Daily Journal for Trek

Santa Clara, Calif. -- May 12, 1998 -- The first 3,000-mile journey in a modern electric automobile will be chronicled with the help of FileMaker Pro 4.0, the easy-to-use relational database from FileMaker, Inc., the company announced.

Filemaker Pro 4.0 for Windows 95, Windows NT and Mac OS will be used to record the daily technical statistics of the trip on a portable laptop computer, as well as to automatically generate a custom Web page for nightly upload to the official Web site for the trip ( The electric automobile, a General Motors EV1, will be piloted by Emmy-award winning film editor Kris Trexler and is scheduled to depart today from Los Angeles towards an unannounced final destination in the midwest.

"The fact that this attempt is being made in America's first modern-era production electric automobile makes this quite a momentous occasion," said Trexler. "I believe the FileMaker Pro database will serve as an invaluable tool in recording and sharing statistical data with the world."

FileMaker Pro 4.0, available through authorized U.S. resellers at $199, has over 40 fully-working database templates for home, business, education and the Web.

"We're happy to have a role in recording crucial statistics, which may contribute to the evolution of electric automobile technology," said Steve Marcek, Chief Technology Officer, FileMaker, Inc. "FileMaker allows users to easily publish their data to the Web."

Kris Trexler is an Emmy-award winning film editor based in Los Angeles. He has received two awards for his work including the critically-acclaimed Ellen television series. But he is most passionate about cars. He is a fixture among Los Angeles car enthusiasts, an active member of numerous car clubs and a loving restorer of period automobiles, especially from the 50's and 60's. The EV1 represents both his vision and his dream of the car of the future, and he enthusiastically awaits the day when all of his fellow citizens can "Charge Across America.


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