My 240 volt MagneCharger was originally hard-wired in my garage when it was installed in November, 1996. It has performed flawlessly since the installation. Local Saturn dealers and some EV1 owners have converted their chargers to plug-in and added wheels to make them mobile. This practice is not recommended by GM because the unit was designed to be part of a fixed installation - the circuitry was not intended to withstand the rigors of portable use. However, for Charge Across America, the 6.6kW charger is going along for the ride. With the advice of EV1 Club member Eric Luebben and the help of Charlie Barsamian (an electrician friend of mine), my 240 volt MagneCharger is now mobile.
 removing unit
 removing covers
 plug and cable
 ready to roll
  removing from wall
  removing the covers
  adding cable and plug
 ready for the road 

We replaced the charger's power source cable and housing with a 5 foot/3 conductor/8-gauge wire and a NEMA 14-50 plug (the 4th conductor - neutral - is not used). We added a pair of wheels and a handle. The 75 lb. unit fits nicely in the EV1's trunk with room to spare. I'll be cushioning the charger with a thick foam pad to soften the ride. We also made up a 35 ' 8-gauge extension cable and a variety of short adapter cables that will allow me to plug into a variety of 240 volt 40-50 amp receptacles. I'm verifying all styles that I will encounter with my power source providers.

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