1956 RCA Big Color ad
as seen in Collier's magazine November 23, 1956 issue

The full page ad, seen in the thumbnail image to the right, is reproduced below in a format more suited for screen viewing.

See color television every night on NBC - a service of RCA
From TV camera to TV set - it's RCA all the way for Big Color

When you sit entralled at color television, remember that it is brought to you on a full scale by RCA and NBC. The finest programs and television equipment - from camera to home receiver - bear the RCA hallmark of electronic quality and dependability.

Indeed, RCA pioneered and developed the compatible color television system that lets you see color and black-and-white programs on the same receiver. Thus an RCA Big Color TV set is actually two sets in one.

Your RCA Victor dealer welcomes the opportunity to demonstrate color television for you. You'll see exciting programs as you've never seen them before - in glorious color that is so faithful you can tell the exact shade of your favorite star's eyes.

Color television is one more achievement in "Electronics for Living," made possilbe by the work of RCA scientists at the David Sarnoff Research Center, Princeton, N.J. And even now, these scientists continue to explore other electronic frontiers that will make life easier, happier, safer.

BIG COLOR - The Aldrich by RCA Victor. 254 sq. in. viewable picture area. "Color Quick" tuning, so easy a child can do it, $495.

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