Miss Color TV
FCC petition

Miss Color TV poses for early RCA color cameras

RCA presented a series of demonstrations of their compatible color television system before the Federal Communications Commission between 1950 and 1953. You will hear a small portion of the July 31, 1950 presentation (abbreviated for this web clip from the original 7 minute 78rpm phonograph transcription). In earlier demonstrations to the FCC, the RCA color system required a special filter be placed in front of the TV set to obtain proper color rendition. But this important 7/31/50 demonstration was the first to show direct viewing of the color picture without the need for the impractical filter.

The affair was obviously lighthearted, although the moderator's speaking style wasn't well suited to delivering the wacky material written for him. The "Dr. Engstrom" referred to in the song pioneered the RCA compatible color system, still in use in the U.S. today. Also, note the jab at CBS and their competing, non-compatible color system.

The visuals in this video are not directly related to the FCC presentation you hear. I edited this clip from various films and videos that were either donated or purchased for my collection.

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