The following individuals or companies contributed to the success of Charge Across America in a meaningful way. They either volunteered their time or services, and/or aided me in my effort to secure electrical power to charge my EV1. If I have inadvertantly omitted your name, please accept my apologies.


John Adams, GM/Ovonic Battery Corporation
Lance Adkins, Farmer's Electric Cooperative
Shannon Nicole Adrian-Prince, AAA/Southern California
Mike Anderson, Mid-Del Vo-tec
Anita Archer, Public Service Company of Oklahoma
Judy Baker, GMATV
Mike Baki, Rip Griffin's Travel Center
Charlie Barsamian
Ed Battershell, EV1 Club
Michael Beck, Illinois Power
John Behrand, Regal Riverfront Hotel
Dianne Bledsoe, CSW
Tom Brandlehner, Saturn Corporation
Ken Breslow
Brad Brinkman, Arizona Public Service
Mike Brogan, Roeder/Johnson Corporation
David Brooks, Ottawa Kansas Fire Department
Terry Brungard, Los Angeles Department of Water and Power
Steven Bryant, Electricore
Kateri Callahan, Electric Transportation Coalition
Barb Callendar, General Motors Corporation
Dave Carroll, Advanced Transmissions
Layne Chandler, Public Service Company of Oklahoma
Jeff Church, EV1 Club
Gordon Corning, Mayor - Greenville, IL
Jim Davidson
Ron DeFatta, CSW Total EV
Mike Descher, Apple Computer
Brett Dewey, EV1 Club
Charles Diaz, KOA Kampground/Gallup, NM
Tim Driver, UAW/Lansing Craft Centre
Rick Durbin, Ameren
Emporia Kansas Fire Department
Mike Gerlt, Mel's Truck Service
Dave Greico, GMATV
Groom Texas City Hall
Greg Hanssen, EV1 Club
Alex Hapka, Kansas City Power and Light
Chris Hardin, Electric Transportation Coalition
Jim Hecht, Dan Hecht Chevrolet
Ray Holan, Mactivity
Carol Holderby, KRPT Radio
Tommy Hudson, West Texas Utilities
Greg Hughes, Arizona Public Service
Doug Huth
Iris Garden Motel, Sedona, Arizona
Roger Irland
Tony Jaquez, Jackrabbit Trading Post
Steve Johnson, Roeder/Johnson Corporation
Vic Kaplan
Dan Keil, Arizona Public Service
Chet Kelly, Arizona Public Service
Dave and Jean Kodama, EV1 Club
Gary Lamm, CSW
Rich Landon, Arizona Public Service
Pam Levetzow, Kansas City Power and Light
Lori Lindquist, CSW Total EV
Eric Luebben, EV1 Club
Phong Luong
Madsen Electric - Los Angeles, California
Ken Mak
Kevin Mallon, Filemaker, Inc.
Gary Marchbanks, OG&E
Simon McCullough, GMATV
McDonald's - Phoenix, Arizona
Jim McHugh, Regal Riverfront Hotel
Bob McKenzie, Saturn of Blue Springs
Chris Merritt, Warrenton Jr. High School
Paul Michelson, Roeder/Johnson Corporation
DeAnna Miller, West Texas Utilities
Gene Miller, Arizona Public Service
Michael Monti, Monti's La Casa Vieja
Bill Moore, EV World
Jim Morken, Delco Electronics
John Oldani, Ameren
Ricj Ostrov, GMATV
Richard Pentz, Saturn of the Desert
Frank Periera, GMATV
Fred Perl, National Park Service
Jerry Pierucci
Robert Purcell, GMATV
Rodger Ragsdale, Desert Center Services
Rob Randall, GMATV
Mark Rebner, GMATV
Joe Reed, City of Overland Park, Kansas
Regal Riverfront Hotel, St. Louis, Missouri
J.R. Reihl, Saturn of San Juan Capistrano
Sandy Ridenour, Farmer's Electric Cooperative
Terry Rittenburg, UAW/Lansing Craft Centre
Marvin Rush, EV1 Club
Saturn of Blue Springs
Mark Schreiber, Western Resources
Mickey Scroggins, Public Service Company of Oklahoma
Pam Seymore, Arizona Public Service
Tonya Shadduck, CSW Total EV
John Shaw, UAW/Lansing Craft Centre
Kathy Simshauser, Best Western Chieftain Motel
Gerald Skakun, Saturn Corporation
Dean Skelton, Arizona Public Service
Melonee Smith-Rice, AAA/Southern California
Linda Speckels, Fred Flintstone's Bedrock City
Christie Stentz
Sandy Stephens, Mid-Del Vo-tec
Rob Stephens, America Online
Mark Sterner, EV1 Club
Mike Stewart, Columbia Daily Tribune
Pete Swords, Saturn of Orange County
Danny Tarr, Central New Mexico Electric Cooperative
Doug Taylor, Public Service Company of New Mexico
Texaco StarMart, Phoenix, Arizona
Dick Thompson, GMATV
Terry Travis, Marshall, MI Fire Department
Max Trejo
Cal, Doris, and Kent Trexler
Ken Vaughn, Southwestern Public Service
Waffle House
Keith Walker, Raytheon Technical Services
Walmart, Redlands, CA
Ron Wampler, Illinois Power
Pat Ward, GMATV
Paul Weintritt, Cibola Sands RV Park
Tricia Wenz, KG&E/Western Resources
Ben White, Saturn Corporation
Wade Whitehead, Southwestern Public Service
Doug Worley, Kay Electric Cooperative
Leslie Wright, Columbia Daily Tribune
Last Updated on 6/2/98

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