Kris Trexler's 1959 Olds 98
1959 Olds Ninety Eight
This section of the site features a 1959 Oldsmobile Ninety Eight Holiday SportSedan. One of most amazing things about this car is that it is an unrestored original Olds that has been driven less than 7,000 miles! I'll explain how I found the car and tell the story of why it has such low mileage. See an album of my favorite detail photos and some rare factory literature, including portions of the original sales brochure and dealer showroom albums. Check out the original 1959 Oldsmobile television commercials!
the story of the car
photo album
factory literature
King of the Road Home Page
learn the unusual story of why this Olds has such incredibly low mileage and how I found the car
an album of detailed photos of the car inside and out
factory literature including paint and upholstery samples, rare factory photos, and original TV spots
my King of the Road Home Page features classic cars and cool stuff about color TV in the 1950's-60's. See the original NBC peacock

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