1959 Oldsmobile Factory Literature
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SportSedan illustration

1959's inspired creation...Ninety-Eight by Oldsmobile. It's the roomiest Olds of the year...the roomiest Rocket ever ! This sleek new beauty makes a complete break with the past, setting the pace for a new styling cycle. Its lean, clean lines are the essence of Oldsmobile's "Linear Look" for '59.

From the 1959 Oldsmobile deluxe sales brochure

On this page, I'll share my collection of original Oldsmobile factory literature, including factory photos from the General Motors archives, selections from the dealer Color and Fabrics and Feature Folio albums, sales brochures, and original television commercials.

TV commercials
Click the 1959 RCA color TV to see a '59 Olds TV spot about the fabulous new Holiday SportSedan filmed in fabulous LIVING COLOR!
Click the 1959 Philco Predicta TV to see DOZENS of '59 Oldsmobiles driving through San Francisco including a freeway later destroyed by a quake
Click the 1959 Philco Predicta TV to see a TV spot about the new '59 Oldsmobile frame. A 90 second commercial about a frame?? Times HAVE changed!
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click a thumbnail image below to see a larger view of the factory publicity photos, including descriptions written by the Oldsmobile P.R. department
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side view thumbnail
interior thumbnail
front thumbnail
football team thumbnail
SportSedan rear
SportSedan side
Super 88 interior
SportSedan front
football team
Rocket engine thuumbnail
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Trans-Portable thumbnail
1958-59 comparison thumbnails
1958 convertible thumbnail
Rocket V8 engine
Trans-Portable radio
1958-59 comparison
1958 convertible

Owner's Manual
Here's the cover of the original Owner's Manual that was in the glove compartment of my Olds. Note the number "601" written in pencil. This was the stock number of my car before it was sold by Empire Oldsmobile in Denver, Colorado. Read the story of Car #601.

Delco battery warranty
30,000 mile guarantee
When the original owner purchased his new Olds, the salesman convinced him to opt for a 30,000 mile Guarantee. Jeff apparently knew from the beginning that he would own his stunning new Olds for a very long time and wanted to be sure the car performed flawlessly. But Jeff only accumulated a mere 4,500 miles on the Olds before his death. Unfortunately, I can't take advantage of the guarantee - it's not tranferable. See an enlarged view of the certificate.
1959 Olds 98's were equipped with a heavy-duty Delco Group 59 battery. This warranty card was in the glove box when I bought the car from the step-daughter of the original owner.

data books I acquired these rare dealer albums after buying the car. The dealer would have used the "Models-Features-Facts" album to show his prospects the features of the various Olds models for '59. The "Color and Fabrics" album contains actual fabric swatches, paint samples and clear transparencies that would allow the prospect to see exactly how his new Olds would look prior to ordering from the factory in Lansing, Michigan. See excerpts from these albums below.
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typical interiors thumbnail
SportSedan fabric samples thumbnail
headlining and carpet thumbnail
coming and going thumbnail
Rocket for every pocket
typical interiors
SportSedan fabrics
headlining & carpet
model comparisons

paint chips The "Magic Mirror" acrylic lacquer color chip samples in the factory "Colors and Fabrics" book are accompanied by transparencies which can be overlayed onto each available color or two-tone color combination for every body style.

Here you will see a color sample chart used by aftermarket paint suppliers for body and paint repair. Factory colors were available from a number of paint manufacturers, including DuPont, PPG, and Ditzler.

My Olds was featured in the January 1999 issue of Cars and Parts magazine

sales brochure cover
Here's the front cover of the deluxe sales brochure for '59, available on request at Oldsmobile dealerships.

Click an image below to see a magnified version of one of the selected pages from the 32 page brochure.

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page 1
page 2

Home page
the story of the car
photo album
King of the Road Home Page
the Home Page for my 1959 Oldsmobile 98 Holiday Sport Sedan
learn the unusual story of why this Olds has such incredibly low mileage and how I found the car
an album of detailed photos of the car inside and out
my King of the Road Home Page features classic cars and cool stuff about color TV in the 1950's-60's. See the original NBC peacock

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