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59olds117-retouch 59olds130-retouch 59olds129-retouch 59olds126-retouch 59olds267-retouch
59olds266-retouch 59olds119-crop 59olds151-retouch 59olds161-retouch 59olds166-retouch
59olds187-retouch 59olds178 59olds177-retouch 59olds177-cu-ring 59olds179
59olds185-retouch 59olds263-retouch 59olds246-retouch 59olds233-retouch 59olds243-retouch
59olds235-retouch 59olds175-retouch 59olds176-retouch 59olds201-retouch 59olds212-retouch
59olds216-retouch 59olds244-retouch 59olds209-retouch 59olds221-retouch 59olds241-retouch
59olds236-retouch 59olds245 59olds258-retouch 59olds240-retouch 59olds135-retouch

Home page
the story of the car
factory literature
King of the Road Home Page
the Home Page for my 1959 Oldsmobile 98 Holiday Sport Sedan
learn the unusual story of why this Olds has such incredibly low mileage and how I found the car
factory literature including paint and upholstery samples, rare factory photos, and original TV spots
my King of the Road Home Page features classic cars and cool stuff about color TV in the 1950's-60's. See the original NBC peacock

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