Burbank, California

Built in 1938 at the corner of Sunset and Vine in Hollywood, NBC's Radio City Studios were the home of some of the network's most popular radio programs. But the studios weren't well suited for television, and NBC realized that new studios specially designed for color TV should be built to replace Radio City (now destroyed - the lot is occupied by a Washington Mutual Bank which is a landmark in its own right - the bank is currently slated for destruction as well).

NBC's parent company, RCA (Radio Corporation of America) had invented a process for color broadcasting that would be compatible with the nation's millions of black and white sets, and the system was established as the standard for color broadcasting by the FCC. RCA was in an enviable position: they invented the process, manufactured the technical equipment that produced and transmitted the color images, owned a major network (NBC) to broadcast color programs, and was the largest manufacturer of consumer color sets. But to increase market share of color sets in American households, an ever-increasing schedule of color broadcasts would be necessary. Burbank, California, home of Warner Bros. and Walt Disney Pictures was selected as the location for NBC's new COLOR CITY Studios, the nation's first television studios designed specifically for the origination of color broadcasts.

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